We Server Host's official refund policy.

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Our Refund Policy

Here is our official refund policy. If you have any queries please contact [email protected]


We have a incredibly simple and easy return policy. All services are applicable for a 100% refund up to 48 hours after purchase with proof of purchase. Anything after 48 hours is not refundable unless we say otherwise. This does not count for server setups and those are completely non-refundable.

We offer various choices for refunding such as: Store Credit, gift cards, and legal tender.


If you do decide to start the refund/return process, we have specific channels you may go through. Such as:

1. Opening a ticket in our official Discord Server (Fastest way to get a response).

2. Creating a ticket in our billing panel.

3. Sending an email to [email protected]

In these tickets, please provide a transaction ID, proof of purchase, contact information, reason of return/refund and the account you ordered from. Then afterwards please wait a maximum of 14 days to receive your refund (Maximum of 14 days window to refund after a refund request has been submitted). We will notify you upon refund. Keep in mind it is your responsibility to manually cancel your subscription to our service. We are not responsible for any fees or additional charges on your refund and it is entirely your duty to pay said fees or charges.

If you have any questions about our return policy, please contact Luke C, or Patrick Y through any necessary channels. Such as discord or through [email protected], thank you for reading our refund and returns policy.